A Jihadi in the Family

Our Latest Film: A Jihadi in the Family

How and why young people, who have grown up in western countries, are being recruited to violent extremism and the effect it’s having on the families they leave behind, is the focus of a new documentary A JIHADI IN THE FAMILY. Premieres on First Hand, on CBC Television, Thursday, March 24 at 9:00 PM (9:30 NT).

Born To Be Good?

BORN TO BE GOOD? is a lively look at the moral trajectory of children from the first months of life onward. This film asks the questions: “where does our moral compass come from? Where do our notions of good and bad, our sense of justice and fairness originate? How do we decide who to trust, who to help?

Up Against the Wall

Up Against The Wall / Face au Mur

UP AGAINST THE WALL poses the question: Do walls work? Focusing on three democracies this documentary examines three hot spots: the wall separating Israel and the West Bank, the ‘Tortilla Wall’ between the United States and Mexico, and the walls which protect “Fortress Europe”, exploring the themes of borders, sovereignty, migration and human rights.

Silence at the Heart of Things

Silence at the Heart of Things

SILENCE AT THE HEART OF THINGS is a documentary about Oliver Schroer, fiddler extraordinaire. An iconoclast, Schroer explodes our ideas about fiddle music. During his short life he recorded and produced over 100 albums, composed about 1000 pieces of music and inspired a whole generation of younger musicians. This uplifting film follows Oliver during the last month of his life as he prepares for his “Last Concert on the Tour of this Planet”.

Streets of Encounter

Streets of Encounter / Loin de Favelas

STREETS OF ENCOUNTER tells the story of choreographer Ivaldo Bertazzo who works with teenagers from the slums of Sao Paulo. Bertazzo’s work takes them on a journey of discovery that goes beyond dance and becomes an exploration about themselves and their relationship to society.

The Language Of Love

THE LANGUAGE OF LOVE is a portrait of internationally acclaimed Canadian jazz artist, Carol Welsmann. Although Carol is largely known for her classy renditions of American jazz standards this film shows another side as she is seen in the company of her jazz mentors in Brazil, Italy and North America.

When Grandmothers Fly Away

When Grandmothers Fly Away

Inspired by the death of the choreographer’s own grandmother, WHEN GRANDMOTHERS FLY AWAY explores the universal themes of homecoming, rites of passage, the relentless race of time, memory, loss and finally of acceptance.

Wind In Their Sails

WIND IN THEIR SAILS is a film about Suroît, but it is also a film about exile and identity as seen through the eyes and music of these extraordinary musicians. As we follow the group on tour from Iles-de-la-Madeleine to Louisiana to France we also trace the footsteps and tell the story of the Acadian diaspora.

Can’t Stop Now…

A compelling and uplifting portrait of six older dancers. All are leading, international figures who participate in Netherlands Dance Theatre III, a daring experimental company for dancers over the age of 40.