Up Against The Wall / Face au Mur


In 1989 the world watched spellbound, as the Berlin Wall came down. In the euphoria that followed, it seemed as if walls were a thing of the past, especially in the new era of globalization. By the turn of the century however, it was clear that walls were in fact proliferating around the world. Since 1989, more than a dozen new walls have gone up.

UP AGAINST THE WALL poses the question: Do walls work? Focusing on three democracies this documentary examines three hot spots: the wall separating Israel and the West Bank, the ‘Tortilla Wall’ between the United States and Mexico, and the walls which protect “Fortress Europe”, exploring the themes of borders, sovereignty, migration and human rights.

FACE AU MUR (DOC ZONE – CBC –2009) Vingt ans après la chute du mur de Berlin, plus de’une douzaine de’autres murs se sont dressés à travers le monde. Face au mur se concentre sur les murs dans trois démocraties: le murs entre les Etats-Unis et le Mexique, entre Israël et La Cisjordanie ainsi que le mur de la Fortresse Europe. Une exploration des thèmes de frontières, de la souveraineté, de la migration et des droits humains.


• The Special Jury Award for social/political documentaries at Worldfest Houston – 2010.
• Nominated for The Donald Brittain Award for the best political or social documentary 2010 Geminis.

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