Gail McIntyre

Gail McIntyreGail McIntyre has built a rich record of storytelling through documentary television. As research anchor and field producer for The Nature of Things with David Suzuki, she shaped films about famine, autism, child sexual abuse, grizzlies and the mysteries of the mind, among many other subjects. She has directed the research for award-winning documentaries, including for The Sacred Balance (with David Suzuki).

As a partner in Stormy Nights Productions, she has produced documentaries about Canadian jazz singer Carol Welsman (The Language of Love), opera star Isabel Bayrakdarian (A Long Journey Home), Karen Kain and the Netherlands Dance Theatre (Can’t Stop Now ), walls that have gone up since the Berlin Wall came down (Up Against the Wall), and the moral compass of children (Born to be Good?). Her most recent work with director Eileen Thalenberg is A Jihadi in the Family, is an investigation into the radicalization of young people in the West.

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